We are women, musicians,

and curators of talent

To curate the precise entertainment for your event, Lucy Black Entertainment will craft the perfect team for you. We carefully vet all our performers and only work with the highest level artists and utmost professionals. We know choosing the right entertainment is a daunting task, so let us help!

Music is our


We are constantly seeking something deeper and more complex, even in familiar and, seemingly, simple musical lines. Expanding from music to all forms of entertainment, we don't simply share what we have, we partner with you to seek out and create a comprehensive and immersive entertainment experience - from start to finish! 

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Our two in-house bands, the Lucy Black House Band, and our premier band, Lucy Black Luxe, are more than simply a band with great musicians. We sought out the most seasoned and talented professionals that we know, in order to have a group that we value as team members and artistic partners. These teams bring valuable insight and creativity to help design and execute your vision, going beyond any party or wedding band. They are artists who will elevate any music set before them and can offer original compositions and concerts, if desired.

In addition to our in-house teams, we research, vet, and collaborate with other groups, to ensure that we find the perfect fit! From weddings to mitzvahs, galas to corporate events, we’ll curate precise the entertainment to fit your vibe. Whether you need a society band to dance the night away or a party band that can cover anything from country to Top 40, Motown to R&B, and everything in between, we have it all.


STring and Jazz Ensembles

Who doesn’t love the elegance and class of a string quartet for a wedding ceremony or cocktail hour? Let’s do something different and use a traditional string quartet performing classical, rock, pop, jazz, and even world music. We create custom arrangements, so can cover ALL the things!

Going beyond the standard smooth jazz cocktail hour, let’s elevate your event with the highest level artists to create an authentic jazz experience! From a traditional jazz combo to more unique instrumental options, we love to get creative and design something bespoke.



A DJ is so much more than simply pushing buttons on a laptop. Hyping up the crowd and curating the right mood to give your guests an immersive entertainment experience, is the goal. Our DJs, many born out of the club scene, are the highest level professionals who not only understand how to run a party and read a crowd, but also the art of creating experiences. You absolutely need someone who can manage and perform luxury events, featuring all the top dance and party hits, then sprinkle (or pour!) on a club vibe, if you desire.

From partnering with live bands for the reception to fusion groups, we pull from the top DJs on the East Coast and around the country, just let us know what you’re looking for!

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With hundreds of bands to choose from, let’s shake things up and discuss how we can incorporate recording artists into your event to create a celebrity experience! Understanding the difference between events and shows is incredibly important, so we ensure that all artists are able to create an experience in both settings, depending on what you need. Let’s have some fun!


Immersive Experiences

It’s all about the WOW factor, right? Pulling in acrobats, dancers, performers, photo booths, etc., are all interactive elements that enhance the overall guest experience and create a cohesive and amazing event! In addition to these interactive elements, we also can assist with full production needs, on any scale. We work with the absolute best teams in the industry to help provide a comprehensive, bespoke entertainment experience for your event.  

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We can provide full scale audio and A/V for any sized event, with the highest level audio engineers and technicians. Whether you have a corporate event or are a musical team needing to source production, we can ensure you have everything you need.

Your event is only as good as your production and sound team!

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In order to deliver the highest quality production, we include an onsite event manager with the majority of our entertainment acts. As wedding and event experts, we oversee all the details and moving pieces for the entertainment elements to create a flawless experience for your guests. Our top team members liaise onsite to ensure the flow of the event syncs perfectly with your vision.

Additionally, our team is available á la carte to coordinate or assist on events that do not include any of our entertainment acts.


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We know choosing the right entertainment is a daunting task, so let us help. Email, text, or call - we look forward to hearing from you!

~ Rebecca & Lauren