Our Story

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Music is our passion - we are constantly seeking something deeper and more complex, even in familiar and, seemingly, simple musical lines. Hand in hand with the excellence and perfection of music, our deep love for the events world was born! 

Who is Lucy Black?

No one here is actually named Lucy ... but here is our story.

The year was 2002 - Lauren began her freshman year of college at the University of Memphis, as a viola performance major. Despite Rebecca being a few years ahead, as fellow violists in the same studio, they quickly became friends - and were inseparable! After graduation, they both went their separate ways in life. C'est la vie...

Fast forward to 2014 - Rebecca was firmly established in the DC events and music world, both performing and coordinating, and Lauren was looking to make a change. Rebecca pushed her to throw caution to the wind and move to DC, to start a new chapter in life! Not long after, they became co-workers and realized that not only were they best friends, but they were amazingly good at running a business together. As team members of a premier entertainment company, they coordinated everything from strings, bands, and entertainers - to designing shows, traveling far and wide - thus sparking a deeper passion for the events world! 

Having relationships across the country with some of the best artists, DJs, musicians, dancers, and performers, the writing was on the wall - it was time to set out on their own and create something different! Hence, Lucy Black Entertainment was born.

Rebecca's first fur baby was a black lab rescue named Lucy. She was the kindest, smartest, and most loyal being one could ever imagine. Not long after Lucy passed, Lauren adopted her adorable little black rescue pup, Lulu. We always joke that Lauren named Lulu after Lucy (in Rebecca's mind at least!). So, it seemed appropriate to choose a strong, yet feminine name, to encompass who we are and what we stand for. We chose the sweetness of Lucy and the strength of Black - Lucy Black!

We commit to lifting one another up, choosing kindness, and upholding honesty and integrity. As a women-owned business at the onset of a new feminine revolution, it is time to shake things up in a male-dominated entertainment world.

here's to doing

it our way,

in our time

with our voice.